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hawaiigolfcondo-martin and macarthur1In an effort to shop and promote local businesses while staying at our hawaiigolfcondo, one of our favorite places to shop is Martin and MacArthur…they build unique products out of the Koa Tree.  M&M was initially  known for their high quality Koa furniture — but now they’ve added koa watches, rings, jewelry and home furnishings that are affordable, and beautiful.  They even offer a Koa Iphone case!  The most interesting fact is they only use Koa wood from dead or previous fallen trees.  In their 51 year history, they have never cut down a Koa tree.  Every time a piece of furniture is purchased, they plant a new Koa tree.  They have planted 1000’s of Koa trees to make sure they are available for future generations.

Koa is native to the Hawaiian Islands and grows primarily on Maui and Hawaii. Botanists feel it is probably the most ancient tree in Hawaii, having been here millions of years. Koa grows above the 4500foot elevation to a height of 80 feet with diameters to 7 ft. With limited quantities, Koa is more highly prized than ever. Now, most artisans work with logs salvaged from previously fallen trees. Due to the durable, light weight quality of the wood, Koa was used by early Hawaiians for canoe hulls and surfboards. Calabash bowls were made of Koa wood for the royalty of Hawaii. The possession of Koa items became an expression of pride in Hawaiian heritage. Articles were carefully preserved and handed down as heirlooms. Koa can range in color from honey gold through a rich medium brown to a dark purple. The close grain can be straight or show dramatic curly qualities, yielding a depth of tone that allows you to see down into it. Natural imperfections are considered part of its charm.

hawaiigolfcondo-martin and macarthur koa bowlsOn a personal note, it is quite an experience to actually pick up a Calabash bowl. Truly remarkable and the workmanship is unbelievable. You can experience this unusual wood product at the Totally Hawaiian Gift Gallery in Whalers Village – Lahaina on the island of Maui.

A shout out to Zelia. Your knowledge of the products you sell is amazing, and the pride and friendliness with which you do it is a true representation of the aloha spirit!

For a large selection of Koa wood products, check out Martin & MacArthur  in the Kings Shops, Waikoloa Beach Resort. Beautifully hand crafted watches, rings, jewelry boxes and the most gorgeous furniture you will ever see! All made in Hawaii!


Here is a video about their history:


They make small keepsakes that you can pack in your luggage and take home to remember your trip.  Please help us in our efforts to do business with the local merchants.

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