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hawaiigolfcondo- calley paintingCalley O’Neill is a highly accomplished Big Island artist, visionary, designer, and inspiring teacher.  Experts have described her art, which spans four decades, as ethno-visionary, dynamic, breathtaking, and deeply moving.  Known for her skillful drawing and crystalline mastery of glaze painting, Calley’s magnum opus is The Rama Exhibition in collaboration with Rama, the elephant.  This leading edge international touring exhibition of art and ecology is dedicated to all endangered species and our children’s healthy future.  When complete, RAMA, AMBASSADOR FOR THE ENDANGERED ONES will be an international touring exhibition ~ a dynamic fusion of art and ecology to inspire a passionate response, enhance global awareness and ignite local action to preserve biodiversity ~ the variety of life on Earth.  It began as a unique collaboration between visionary conservation artist Calley O’Neill, Rama, the Oregon Zoo artist elephant who paints, and Jeb Barsh, an innovative keeper who choreographed their creative contact.  The Rama Exhibition is a clarion call to action to protect and preserve vanishing species and to create a future that is even better than we can imagine.  During your stay at our hawaiigolfcondo, check out one of her art pieces in the master bedroom. For more information about our friend Calley, check out the following websites: and Here is some information from Calley to our readers:


Dear Su,


Thank you so much for introducing my work to your readers.  I want them to know that I also teach art to families and individuals privately.  This can turn a vacation into a fun art retreat, in which real progress in skills and creativity happens.

Also, your guests may visit me on Mondays and Fridays as I paint on site at the Four Seasons Hualalai, just below the lobby and the golf barn on the lawn.

It makes a great morning if you stop by and visit, take a long beautiful ocean walk (it’s spectacular) and have lunch at the Beach Tree with local organic fresh foods and generous portions.

Anyone may contact me directly for private art, meditation and compassionate healing yoga lessons on the beach or at their condo.

Or Visit:



Calley O’Neill

Waimea, Hawai’i
















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