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The experience of planting a Koa Legacy Tree is a must for any visitor to the island of Hawaii!

Experience the birth of a Hawaiian forest and plant your very own Koa Legacy Tree.

Located on the slopes of Mauna Kea,  this historic site was once the personal koa forest of King Kamehameha the Great- 1st King of Hawaii. Sadly, this land was cleared nearly a century ago to make room for farming and ranching. Fortunately, some of the old growth koa trees still reside on the property. These rare trees grow nowhere else on Earth and are being utilized as a seed source for all Legacy Trees to bring the forest back to its former glory. Be a part of Hawaii’s history and create the memory of a lifetime.

Tree plantings can take place as dedications, memorials, or just as a way to have a deeply authentic and meaningful experience with the native plants and animals of Hawaii.

Once planted you will receive a certificate detailing your tree’s unique RFID number and GPS coordinates, allowing you to revisit your tree at any time via Google Earth.

HLH believes that educating our young people about reforestation is one of the most important duties we have. We offer financial grant assistance to offset a portion of admission costs for any educational institution wanting their students to learn about ​our program and the native species our islands are home to.

Please call 1-877-707-TREE to schedule your field trip and tour reservations. The Welcome Center opens 15 mins prior to the tour departures.

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