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atlantissub_lgHere is the latest sightseeing information from hawaiigolfcondo…

If you want to see the beautiful view from underwater and aren’t into snorkeling, check out Atlantis Submarines … the most technologically advanced passenger submarines in the world and the only true submarine operating in these waters. Treat yourself to Kona’s most beautiful and captivating scenery, habitats, and isolated treasures. You’ll descend 100 feet into another version of paradise — one hidden even from the people of Hawaii for centuries. Atlantis Kona offers a journey aboard a 48-passenger submarine. Guests will discover an 18,000-year-old, 25-acre fringing coral reef, which boasts a vibrant ecosystem. With a spacious air-conditioned interior, large view-ports and comfortable seating, this submarine allows you access to Hawaii’s sea life. The knowledgeable and friendly crew will share their love of the ocean on this excursion and provide information ranging from fish identification to scientific data. To observe the magnificent aqua-blue ocean abundant with marine life of Hawaii from a submarine is a “must do” and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Check-in at the Atlantis Submarine ticket office on Alii Drive located across from the Kailua-Kona Pier. Check-in required 30 minutes before the scheduled submarine tour time. Actual underwater tour time is 35 minutes. Shuttle boat ride from the pier to the submarine site plus transfer is 10 minutes each way. Children must be 36 inches or taller to ride the submarine. Passengers must be physically capable of ascending and descending a near vertical ladder in order to ride the submarine.

All tours are in English. Headsets providing narrations in Japanese are available upon request.

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